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Jake Locker is one of my favorite draft prospects from a personal standpoint. He's a great kid that is the best leader in this class. He seems a little bit like Tim Tebow with his intangibles and athleticism. Locker has the same kind of work ethic, and it showed in his latest workout. Like Tebow, Locker has accuracy questions. However, those questions about his accuracy should be diminished to some extent because Locker's receivers were terrible in college. To add some wood to the fire, Locker's offensive line was also poor.

Jake Locker is worth a late first round or early second round pick. Locker would probably fit well with a team like the Redskins. If he drops to them in the second round, I could see Shanahan taking him. Locker has some similarities for former Broncos' quarterback Jake Plummer. Locker would be a fit in Shanahan's West Coast offense that is modified to fit in athletic skill position players (like Locker).

Locker is still raw, and he needs more time to develop his mechanics behind a decent veteran starter. Donovan McNabb fits that bill, and Locker would be an even better fit with the Skins if they retained McNabb and started him while grooming Locker. With another year of polishing, Locker can be at least an average starting quarterback. He's got the work ethic to do it and the physical tools. All he needs to do is change his mechanics to increase his accuracy.

Teams that want players with good physical tools would also be interested in locker. The Cardinals could snatch him up in the early second round (37). They are a team that has a need at quarterback. If they can't or won't get Gabbert, Locker could be a player that the Cards would be interested in.

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