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Now that kids are back to school, many will find that they have the difficult task of managing their classes and keeping things organized. Organization and kids are certainly two words that go together hand in hand. Below you will find simple ideas and suggestions that teachers and parents can share with their children.

The first suggestion is to give kids a few tools to help keep them organized. Parents will find that stores like Target, and Wal-Mart often have plenty of items to organize a locker. For example you can find some pencil trays that can be placed in the locker. You can also find some hooks that are magnetic and can easily be stuck in the door of the locker. This way when the kids start to wear jackets they can easily hang them up in the locker. There is also some file holders that will fit in lockers and will help to keep their folders and papers nice and neat. This way when it is time to find their homework, they will certainly have no problem.

Of course just because you purchased the items for the locker it, does not mean that the kids are actually going to use these items. Teaching kids to keep their items neat and organized really starts at home. If you take the time to make them get organized at home, it will easily encourage them to stay neat and organized at school. The trick is to really help the kids appreciate why they need to be organized at school. It is also important to remember that the younger the kids are when you start to teach them to be organized, the easier it will be when they are older. Kids will automatically keep things organized when away from home if trained that way. The teachers can also help by giving positive reinforcement of keeping the locker organized. Most teachers are too busy to give kids a reminder, so maybe this is where the PTO could chip in, and send out some notices to the children. Some PTO's can even donate the locker organizers to the children.

Another suggestion is to also throw in a few fun things, that they can put in the locker, like a mirror, or even some pictures to really personalize it. By taking the time to personalize their locker, it will seem more like theirs and something that they really like.

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