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From 1960 to 1996, the crime rate in the United States increased by 313 percent. This means that people in 1996 were over three times more likely to fall victim to a crime than people were in 1960. The pervasive influence of drugs, population increases, a growing gap between the rich and poor, and poor education all contributed to this overall increase in crime.

In addition, in 1996 a United States citizen had about a five percent chance of falling victim to a violent crime as compared to a 0.6 percent chance in 1960. As we sit here worrying about terrorists and weapons of mass destruction, it's easy to forget about threats that already exist in our own country. Crime in the United States is responsible for more injuries, death and loss of property than all natural disasters combined.

Enter Surveillance Systems

As personal security became more and more of an issue over the years, companies that manufacture and install security systems emerged with a vengeance. People started getting alarms for their houses, their cars and their businesses. Then alarms weren't enough. Criminals were soon able to find ways to bypass these alarm systems.

Now homeowners and business owners are taking it a step further and installing high-tech surveillance systems. Approximately 13 million people fall victim to crime every single year in this country. You have about a one in 20 chance of falling prey to some sort of crime and chances are you will eventually be a victim of a crime at some point in your life. The numbers don't lie. With that information in hand, you can see why people are actively taking more control of their lives and installing such elaborate surveillance systems.

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