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The concept of a "spy" has existed for thousands of years. The basic military definition of spy is a secret agent hired by a state to acquire information about its enemies. Businesses often employ the use of a spy or spies to obtain secrets about their competitors. This idea of getting sensitive information in a secret way is almost as old as human beings. Many feel it's a fundamental part of human nature.

Regardless of your opinions on human nature, the military need for well-trained spies has increased significantly in the past five years. Most wars in the future will be wars over intelligence. Future wars will not occur between nations, but between specific groups with differing ideologies. The attacks on the World Trade Center were not carried out by a country, but a radical religious group declaring a holy war against the United States.

Mini Spy Cameras Help Our Covert Operatives

Our covert operatives have access to some of the most compelling equipment in the world. Every day these men and women put themselves in harm's way so they should be supported by the best equipment technology and the United States government can provide. Mini spy cameras are constantly being overhauled and improved. Many of the older models are now available to civilians to use for their own reasons.

Do you want to be your neighborhood's covert operative? What many brave American men and women have used to protect our country and save lives (mini spy cameras) average citizens are now using as party favors. I don't find anything wrong with that; I just think it's interesting. Either way, these cameras have helped make the world a little safer and a little more fun.

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