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Safes are not meant to be decorative. On the contrary, they are solely designed with security in mind, but they do not have to bring down the entire look of a room. It is possible to incorporate it into the design of the space using color, graphics and/or fabric of your choice. If you are tired of looking at an ugly metal floor safe, it can be easily changed. Consider these decorating ideas, and make it an appealing part of the room. Not only will it look far better, but some methods of embellishment will help to conceal what it is while adding an extra measure of protection.

Wrap it in Stylish Fabric

One of the best ways to stylishly cover an ugly metal floor safe is with fabric, and it does not have to be permanently attached. Buy enough material to wrap it from top to bottom. Instead of using messy adhesive or tape, attach it with rare earth magnets. Unlike those used to decorate refrigerators, they are super strong and will hold the fabric securely in place. What was once an eyesore can be used to add a splash of color to the room.

Cover the Sides with Mirrors

When looking for clever and stylish methods of decorating an unsightly steel box, consider covering the sides with mirrors. Lightweight door mirrors can be attached with strips of peel-and-stick Velcro brand fasteners. For a stronger connection use 3M hangers. Both options are ideal since they work without compromising the metal.

Coat it With Metal Primer and Paint

If your best floor safes have seen better days, coat it with metal primer and a layer of new paint. To cover up an uneven finish beneath, opt for a spray-on textured paint. Rustoleum brand is available in dozens of stylish and eye-pleasing colors. Just be sure to protect the working components and the edges of the door with blue painter’s tape to keep it operating smoothly.

Add Peel and Stick Wall Decals

After giving the metal a layer of color, add something more to change it from ugly to visually interesting. Add peel and stick wall decals. Consider adding wild birds perching on a line, a cherry blossom branch or wildlife of your choice. Decorating the sides and even the front can be very easy with peel-and-stick wall decals. It will look much better and completely different than it did.

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