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Whether you are currently searching for safes and vaults for your home or office, or considering of having one, take note of the following:

  1. Make sure that that the door is made of solid steel: This will illustrate the durability of your safes and vaults. Normally, they should be around 1/2 inch in thickness. Moreover, ensure that it does not state composite. Otherwise, it means that the door is made of steel that is wrapped around a piece of wood or other metal. The purpose of this is to help the manufacturers cut down on their manufacturing costs.
  2. Check the locks of the vaults and safes: Your lock plays a very crucial role to your security cabinets. If they are not durable or would not function properly, then the entire vault or safe becomes utterly useless. The best ones are those that belong to group 2 or even higher than that.
  3. Go for those with security combinations: Most of the in-demand safes and vaults these days are those that need security codes. There are actually some high-grade locks that can produce billions of digit combinations that it becomes almost impossible for anyone to open it, unless you know the right one. There are also vaults with doors that are equipped with time-delay mechanism. This means that you have to wait for a considerable amount of time before the door will finally open. It may change randomly.
  4. Relockers should be present: All safes and vaults should be equipped with relockers. These are actually hardened pins that are activated every time an intruder such as a burglar tries to open the safe or the vault. The kind of activation or reaction it will have will depend on the kind of burglary attack being done, though the numbers would just range between 2 and higher. To open the vault or the safe, one still needs to drill the door.
  5. Consider where you are going to place the safe or the vault: If you are going to place the safe on the wall or at the floor, you have to make sure that it is lightweight. Or else, it will instantly fall down, or your wall or floor will not be able to hold too much weight.

Have Your Safes and Vaults Customized

When you cannot find safes and vaults that meet your standard, you can always have them customized. There are already several companies that do not only sell but also personalize security cabinets, depending on your need. Safe and Vault Locksmiths, on the other hand, can help you with the enhancement of the security features, such as the digit combination and the installation of electronic or time-delay locks.

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