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Home surveillance equipment sales are at an all time high. Criminals have to be getting more and more frustrated with the latest advancements in technology. Gone are the days of picking locks and climbing through windows. Now, normal consumers can afford top-of-the-line surveillance equipment to monitor their homes. Technology is not only creating better surveillance products, technology is keeping prices low.

If you've made a living up to this point ripping other people off, you might want to find another trade. Moral implications aside, it's only a matter of time before you get caught. You will rob the wrong person who's using state-of-the-art covert surveillance equipment and you'll end up sharing a jail cell in a maximum security dungeon. I think American prisons are a disgrace, so keep yourself out.

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For a while, a number of people were buying alarm stickers instead of entire alarm systems. The idea was that potential burglars would see the stickers and assume the houses were equipped with great alarm systems. A number of thieves were able to figure this trick out with ease simply by throwing a rock through the window. Home surveillance cameras, however, are an instant distraction.

Criminals usually stay away from houses that have visible surveillance equipment. They assume the house is a fortress. Some criminals, on the other hand, see this equipment as a challenge and a dare. Virtually no homes are impenetrable which is why I suggest using some more covert home surveillance equipment. Never tip your hand.

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