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Many students will be issued school lockers during their first few days of school. Students like to use their locker to express their own personality. This article will give incoming students some suggestions for setting up and decorating their school locker.

Let's start first with security. Most lockers come with a combination lock. Never give out your combination to anyone. If you have a hard time remembering it, try this idea. Tape a picture to the front of your locker. write the combination backwards behind it. You will only need it for a few days, until you learn to remember it.

On the inside of your locker door, post your weekly class schedule. Just like your combination, you will only need it for a week or two at the most. You also want to put a copy of your favorite sport tea schedule. This schedule will help you with your future plans. Many locker doors have air slat vents in them. Hang a small box on the inside of the door just below these air vents. On the front of your lower below the air vent, put the word "mail". You can use sticky decals to spell the word out. You now have your own personal mail box for notes from friends.

Another thing that you want, on the inside of your door, is a small fabric pocket. You can hang this by magnets, sticky tape or a wire. The only thing this will hold is pens and pencils. Don't overload it though.

On the back wall of your school locker, you want to put something that you feel passionate about. It could be a picture of your boyfriend or girlfriend, motivational slogan, favorite Bible verse or picture of your favorite rock or sports star. This is the first thing that your eyes will see, when you open your locker door.

If you have magnet knicknack's, keep them inside your locker. Anything left on the outside may disappear. Magnets are great for holding notes, reminders or phone numbers.

The top shelf of your locker should be for personal things, notebooks, folders, rulers, planner and calculator. Always have a calculator in your locker.

You can stack your text books the way that works best for you. Some stack them side by side, with the back of the book facing out. Others will stack them on top of each other.

Don't let old food or food bags accumulate in your locker. Pitch them each day in the trash.

If you are an athlete, many times an athlete will post their jersey number somewhere on their locker. If there is a wall above your locker, you can place a cutout football or basketball above your locker with the number on it. There is less chance of someone ripping it off, if it is above the locker.

Keep in mind, the locker is yours to use. It is school property, so take care of it. Clean it out at least twice a month. The janitors will appreciate this. This is your school locker, have fun with it.

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