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Floor Safes for Home – Do You Need One?

This page is about Floor Safes and why you need to have a floor safe. You might want to buy a floor safe to keep your valuables out of sight and locked up. You might want to store away important documents (using waterproof and fireproof floor safe models).

Another good reason to have a floor safe is if you have limited space in the walls or don't want to create a space to install one. You might have tools that need to be secure away from children.

What ever the reason you might consider buying and installing a floor safe in your home, office, or vehicle you will find the right model here.

Most Popular Floor Safes

Find the most popular Floor Safes you can buy

Tonsider a floor safe for recreation vehicles to save your valuables you need to carry along (passports, money, jewelry) from spills, or other travel type accidents.

This is a highly rated model by customers.

SentrySafe 7250 Waterproof Floor Safe, 540 Cubic Inches, Gray

This floor safe is waterproof so you can be certain in case of a flood you will be able to retrieve your valuables when the water level subsides.

Most Important Thing…

Floor Safes
Keep Your Valuables

Check each product for other safety features such as:
Fire Safe
Water Proof

Highest Rated Floor Safes

Find the highest rated floor safes of all

This is a great size safe for a family.

Amsec B5800 Square Door Floor Safes

You can store away important documents (birth records, house mortgage, insurance, etc) so it is easy to access when you need it and kept safe from wear and tear of storing away in files and drawers.

Home Surveillance Equipment
Protect Personal Belongings with Lockers

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