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Crime prevention is not just one thing, rather it is a system that works together to prevent crimes from occurring. For instance, it could include some sort of home security system, which protects your family and home from burglaries and fires. But it can also include such things as a neighborhood watch program, and a police patrol throughout the day and evening in residential areas.

If you are not part of a neighborhood watch program, join one now. If none exists in your neighborhood, start one yourself. You would be surprised at how many crimes are prevented from neighbors who noticed something strange, like a unfamiliar vehicle or person in the neighborhood, and reported it to the police immediately. Take proactive steps to make crime prevention a priority for you and your neighbors.

Crime Prevention Tips

Here are some great tips we have put together for you that can help take a bite out of crime in your neighborhood. As we have suggested, a neighborhood watch program can help cut down on crime tremendously, as you have the comfort in knowing that your neighbors are keeping an eye out for your home and your family at all times. Likewise, you can help to prevent crime by reporting any suspicious people or behavior to the police immediately.

For your home, you should have even a basic security system in place. Having an alarm system will deter would-be burglars and send them off looking for an easier target. Always keep windows and doors locked, with dead bolts; make sure you have adequate lighting around the outside of your home, preferably with sensor lights; and make sure you have peepholes installed on doors so that you never have to open a door without seeing who it is first. Finally, make sure you have an escape route planned out in the event of an emergency, such as a fire or a break-in.

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