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The day-to-day applications for advanced phone recording systems are too many to count. Devices such as these are ideal for writers, interviewers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, or anyone else who needs to record both sides of a given conversation. By taking this responsibility out of your hands, the machine frees you up to conduct business as usual without worrying about flipping switches or pressing buttons.

Like many telephone answering machines, phone recorders store information on cassette tapes, which may be rewound and replayed over and over. If you're unsure exactly what it was your client said on that last phone call, simply revisit that portion of the call and play it again and again until you are sure of what you heard. Advanced phone recorders let you fast-forward through irrelevant portions of your call and get on to the salient points of your negotiation or the terms of your deal.

Dictation Made Simple

One of the biggest hassles for features writers, freelance journalists, and editors is gathering and replaying information in a clear and reliable fashion. One hand grips the recorder while the other dances feverishly across the paper, and the writer hopes that nothing has happened to compromise the quality of the recording. In the 21st century, one would hope that a better system for taking dictation had developed–and it has.

These days, most interviews take place over the phone, not face to face as they did in the Golden Age of reporting. With the help of advanced recording systems, writers can roll tape throughout the duration of their call and not once have to fret over their proximity to the speaker or competing background noise. The recording device hooks directly into the phone and picks up all voice data for the length of the interview, whether it's five minutes, 50 minutes, or even two hours (provided you have the proper cassette).

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